President Agramunt urges to FYROM’s opposition to accept the agreement already reached in Skopje on June 2

The statement made by President Agramunt about FYROM political crisis on June 12, 2015

I want to express my concern about the last political events in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), specifically with the irresponsible behavior of the political opposition.

As I already stated in my previous statement the respect for the rule of law is intrinsically linked to respect for democracy and for fundamental rights. Therefore, I urge Zoran Zaev, president of Social Democrat Union of FYROM, to reconsider his grave accusations to Macedonian government and Prime Minister Gruevski, to put the future of the country in first place and accept and realize the agreement reached on 2nd of June in Skopje with the facilitation of the Commissioner for neighborhood policy and enlargement Johannes Hahn.

I am concerned to learn that with his irresponsible behavior Mr. Zaev did not want to make the final agreement in Brussels on 10th June and that the meeting that should have produce agreement on the organization of early elections in FYROM by the end of April was not successful only because Mr. Zaev was not ready to compromise or accept any of the proposals made by the facilitators Commissioner Hahn and MEP Ivo Vajgl reporter for FYROM in European Parliament.  With his behavior Mr. Zaev is questioning the European perspective of the country with big risk FYROM to lose the recommendation for opening membership negotiations with EU. This is the worst thing that can happen to the country and will affect the citizens of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as well the economic prosperity.

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is predicted to have the highest growth of GDP in Europe this year by the reports of the European Commission and the World Bank. In time of global crises these are good news. The country is making reforms and waiting no help but working. I want to remind Mr. Zaev that the political stability is crucial for the economic development.

Politically personal motivated behavior is not acceptable in any shape or form in democracy. Thus, threats by the FYROM’s chief opposition leader to Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski, are not the appropriate way to be fair in the criticism of government.

Only political arguments and political programs with the vote of the citizens are the democratic ways to win elections in democratic states.

Finally, I would like to encourage the importance of political dialogue in resolving conflicts and call for responsible opposition in FYROM politics observing the democratic rules of the political system.

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