Statement on the 24th April Parlamentary Elections in Macedonia

The forthcoming elections in Macedonia are the most important part of the democracy. On that day the citizens have the opportunity to choose their representatives. No party, organization, or institution can obstruct this right. I support the 24th April parliamentary elections in Macedonia as highest Democratic opportunity for the citizens to elect their representatives in the Parliament, to choose who will lead the country in the forthcoming four years. It is obvious, that the June/July political agreement that overcame the political crisis in Macedonia last year is implemented in good faith and the elections are the last and most important part of it. VMRO DPMNE has implemented all subjects of the June/July agreement. I appeal to the all parties of Macedonia not to boycott the elections from narrow party reasons. I ask the State electoral Commission and the Ministry of interior lead by the opposition according to the June/July agreement to do all preparations for credible elections. No one should obstruct this important process. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe will deploy its observation mission to observe the 24th April elections. I hope all political parties will participate the 24th April elections thus accelerating the integration process for Macedonia and its citizens.

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