Vlodomyr Ariev: Important step to defend Internet from hatred and discrimination

Surfing over Internet all customers want to have an access to convenient services, honest and objective news and tolerant intercource in social network. But every coin has the other side. Some groups of people frequently moderated by illegal organisations, terrorists groups and quite often governments are interfering the web with hatered, discrimination, war propaganda, aggresive misinformation and incitiment to violence destroying the idea of free Internet targeting individuals, people commumities or even entire ethnic groups or nations. Respecting the freedom of expression guaranteed by European Convention for Human rights (ETS No. 5) the European Court of Human Rights has recognised that the protection of freedom of expression does not extend to racist or xenophobic speech irrespective of method of deleivering.

Using democratic instruments of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe we have urged all responsible authorities to use their legitime power protecting users and encouraged all Internet intermediaries to fight against all displays of intolerance on their platforms. Our commitment to protect society from distributing all kind of brutality, offencive language, hatred and intolerance have been reflected in the report adopted on the current Assembly session. Voting for that principles we’re reaffirming our adherence to the world free of hate and fear.

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