Axel E. Fischer: Europe- an isle of the blissful?

For most people from different parts of the world who come here it seems to be like this, however the perception of us Europeans varies: For instance the events, which take place in the Middle East for years now, touch, move and affect us quite essentially.

The counseling of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg this week reflect these considerably. The situation in Syria, in Lebanon, Gaza and the European migration policy fill the agenda of the whole Thursday-session.

Furthermore, problems in Europe are not misremembered: Attacks on journalists and the freedom of press, online media problems, cyber discrimination, for example. The last divided country in Europe, Cyprus, and the attempts for its reunion is drawn attention to through the discourse of the state president in front of the Assembly.

What currently happens in Turkey will be a hot topic in a broadly based debate in April accounting a monitoring report.

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