The European People’s Party, the largest transnational party in Europe, belonging to the family of the political centre, its roots profoundly anchored in the history and civilization of the European continent.

The European Christian Democratic political family brings together more than 60 member, associated or observer member parties.  Conscious of its spiritual and moral inheritance, the EPP remains steadfast in its involvement in the Council of Europe, an organization based on the principles of the rule of law and on the values of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

We have chosen to come together within the framework of the Council of Europe following our common historical past and in response to the challenges of the future. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe was the first European Assembly of the continent.  Strengthened by the delegations of forty-seven national parliaments, it remains the broadest truly European assembly.  Through their actions within the Council of Europe and in their national parliaments, more than 200 members of the Group of the European People’s Party have committed themselves to consolidating and stabilizing freedom and democracy, human rights, peace, prosperity, solidarity and social cohesion throughout the European continent and in the wider world.  Being democratic, the members of the EPP-CD Group defend freedom of expression and information, as well as freedom of movement of ideas and of religious tolerance.  Being federalists, the Christian-Democrats work to promote respect of the principle of subsidiary and local autonomy, as well as the defense of national, social and other minorities. The Council of Europe represents the best legal and logistical framework for the promotion of the above – mentioned principles.

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